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Shall I share ?


If it were to be done again, I'd probably spend 5 or 10 times as much money in that super brochure, till it starts hurting.

For I KNOW, that thanks to it with my humble effort in my local area, on my way to and from work or while going to this or that store, I have at least opened some people's eyes and ears to Ron Paul and our Restoration Revolution movement.

Also :

I remember the day I came back home from work and finding those brochures in the mail.

I was like ... "Really ?! That is it, what we've been calling the 'SUPER' brochure ?!

They're neat but they're actually the MINIMUM I'd expect for any brochure about our message !"

The so called "super" brochure, IMO, was only one of the many items we needed to go for in our education effort action.

I won't hesitate for a second next time we need to redo something alike, as a vector to bring the truth to the people around us.


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