Comment: A_G1RL is right...

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A_G1RL is right...

The person stranded is Patrick J. Marron. He is one of the original organizers of New Mexicans for Ron Paul. He has phone banked, campaigned in IA, NH, NM, and WA--as well as being a national delegate and a Marine: he is a true PATRIOT.
He does need some funds (which I am financially unable to help him with) to get back home, due to his panic attacks/heart problems creating multiple needs for motel stays. Unfortunately the negative posts on this thread have probably prevented some people from helping out: I urge you to PLEASE help him if you can!

I live 35 miles from Shreveport and have offered to put him up for the night. I have spoken to him at length a couple of times today. He would greatly appreciate your help!

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.