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Let's try this request...

Since no explanation is forthcoming on why racist threads are now being allowed on the DP. I do not choose to associate myself or my content with people who tolerate racism in any way, so I will make this request simple and one in which I will have my answer.

If you are actively choosing to not delete that thread, then delete my account and I will move on.

I think I am now beginning to see why so many old timers are actually requesting deletions instead of just taking a break. Between the racism and the elimination of RP from the site, it's taken a weird twist. I agree on being broad in reach for libertarian ideas, but to try and ignore the person who inspired the current wave of libertarianism is like trying to eliminate Thomas Jefferson from our daily discussions.

And I am truly sorry amitj78 that you suffered through reading the whole thing. I only made it partway before my blood started boiling.

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