Comment: You are forgetting the ironclad fact that if this were to happen

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You are forgetting the ironclad fact that if this were to happen

it would mean some states would kick the LP off entirely. So you'd lose some states in order to get some. (a net loss, the LP might make 50, under your plan, they will NOT)

Now, this doesn't just apply to the top of the ticket.

Now, candidates for state and local office and House and Senate, they are off the ballot too.

And in some cases, they can't get back on for a couple of years without spending thousands in petitioning. If they can even manage to get back on.

Your "ironclad" logic leaves out this very nasty consequence.

You'll be pissing in the face of diehard liberty activists that are trying to make a difference all so you can stroke your ego and vote for Paul in some other state.

Then reality takes over. The media does black them out and ignore them. They aren't in polls. They don't make the debates. And they get a few percent in November.

In the meantime - you just decimate the LP ballot access.

You just pissed off hundreds of activists and candidates who got shafted to please you.

Seriously - THINK before you mouth off next time.

NO - this should not happen. It is too late.

The time to do this is LONG past.

There are too many cases where this will cause more harm than good.

And on top of that, they will not win. Even if the TPTB have to outright in the open steal the election - they will do so.

And there is nothing you nor anyone else is going to do to stop them.