Comment: Damn the torpedoes lads full speed ahead!

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Damn the torpedoes lads full speed ahead!

A conversation was relayed to me with a state election official in which she said she had NEVER heard of a ballot being discarded because the write-in space had been used. The worst they can do is not count it.

This shows the contempt of the Johnson people for Ron Paul, lying through their teeth to prevent his supporters from supporting him. If you have a SINGLE STATE which has such a law, quote it chapter and verse and link it back to the OFFICIAL state site (not some link to the law library saying "read this.")

IF they are Johnsonites. If they were true LP, they would be begging Gary to put Dr. Paul at the top of the ticket, so they could taste possible victory. I think they are GOP and this thread is the one they did not want to see. Notice the bullying tone that is the first choice of these types.

It means we are on EXACTLY the right track, double down. Smaller states, come in, what do you find? Over.

Release the Sandy Hook video.