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You mention Maine.Wouldn't that be poetic Justice? Ron Paul wining Maine in the general election on write in and sticking it to folks who screwed us.You have inspired me. Here's my suggestion. Instead of spreading out our resources and winning nothing. Pick one state where Ron has the best shot and Maine sounds perfect.Get volunteers to go there, Send every nickel we can gather from across the country. Win one stinking state, If this election is anything like 2000 and 2004 that State could be the deciding factor. Can you imagine Romney crawling on his knees: "Please Ron give me your electors I'll give you anything you want."RP:"Okay Mitt this is what I want, Bring all the troops home tomorrow, fire Charlie Webster, apologize to the GOP RP Maine delegates, Don't declare war without a declaration and oh yes, one more thing, I want to be Secretary or State or Treasury.- PS Montana put RP on the ballot in 2008 without his permission, so they're my second choice.