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Well, the OP was pretty horrible, but the comment section was also doing a pretty good job refuting it, and the author was staying around to argue, so it seemed like a good exercise for newcomers to sharpen their debate skills, or at least let the less knowledgeable/experienced observe older members tear it down.

I was hoping the post would end up at a net negative sum, so one wouldn't have to scroll to comments to see the community reject it, but it hasn't, which is depressing. Then again, apparently everyone's a little bit racist.

But evidently this other, stronger subset of people (numbering 7, including all votes here) have spoken who feel their opinions of what thoughts can be had here supersede everyone else who participated in the debate but didn't comment here (numbering over 50), as well as all future instances of people learning something new by reading the contributed discussions.

I don't know how those genuinely confused on controversial subjects can be swayed if whatever's been put in their brains can't be discussed by others, even if they're provoked into discussion by a malignant agitant.

I do know about a third will insist 9/11 not be discussed, about a third insist it must, and 1/3 will not care. 200 users can't stand that Ron Paul's picture disappeared, but that isn't even 10% of the people who've signed in in the past 24 hours. It seems there will be no pleasing everyone moving forward.

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