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I guess there's no way on this thread

to reply to specific posts. First, thank you Jon, for finally deleting a very harmful post. I did not find that Sesame Street (or whatever) link at all illuminating. or helpful; I confess I don't always quite "get" your humor.
I have a last statement on this. Dr. Paul was an inspiration to many not just because of his wisdom and consistent principles, but very largely because he was a true humanitarian, gentle and kind and tolerant, a hero of good will in nearly every trying situation.

Losing him as the DP spiritual (not in a religious sense) icon leaves the DP bereft of one who exemplified the Nonaggression Principle and libertarianism as few have.

It is a great loss to the site which will become just another unprincipled bicker fest unless you Mods step up and fill the gap with tighter standards for verbal conduct. Allowing Stormfronters to pass as libertarians and relying on those motivated to do battle with them again and again and again ad nauseum is not a good plan.

If the DP is to continue to be worth visiting and supporting, it must encourage intellectual and principled discussion and good will and the fun the r3VOLution used to be. Coming here to battle knuckledraggers is not fun, is a waste of everyone's time and is sickening to behold; more trolls will come if you welcome them and do not support those members who try to keep the forum positive and worthwhile..