Comment: I'll admit, I don't recall which states do that.

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I'll admit, I don't recall which states do that.

That info was posted here on DP back in the fall and winter when we were discussing that AFTER TAMPA IS TOO LATE.

So if they were lying, that's on them. I'm taking their word for it because they tried to warn us last time they wrote-in Ron Paul in 2008 and they watched their ballot go to the trash can.

I do know in Louisiana, we do not allow write-ins. If you get a mailed absentee ballot (the only way to get one on paper) and you write ANYTHING on the ballot other than where you are supposed to, which includes writing in a candidate that isn't on the list, your ballot does end up in the trash. It's just a "spoiled" ballot and it isn't counted. I don't know if that is by law or convention.

Taken under law or not, it really doesn't change my point - DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

You are advocating a position that very well MIGHT cost someone their other votes in other races.


It's your plan.

It's not my job to see to it all your ducks are in a row.

I'm off to bed, but when I have some time, I'll try to dig up those old threads and look for the posts about having your ballot thrown out. We'll see what states this affects and then go look up the law.

Of course, if I was contemplating this move, I would want to know for myself. I wouldn't just do it on someone's advice and end up losing my other votes.