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No, it doesn't work quite like that here.

I'm not sure what you mean by "petitioning" but here, you file for your local or state committee election in your district and pay a filing fee to get on the ballot. There are maybe a handful out of several hundred of these that go unopposed.

A few do rarely go empty.

When we have our Presidential "primary" GOP members also vote for these committee positions.

The seats do not change number based on registration. They are fixed to the size of the local governing body and to the size of the State Legislature.

People don't miss meetings. So they don't lose their seats here.

Not even all committees here have that rule. (they make their own rules)

The GOP here is not sparsely populated. It's got heavy activity. It is quickly becoming the defacto sole party in the state as the Dems are capitulating right now.

When I did attend as a guest, we were told we could observe only and no participation was allowed. We couldn't even ask questions.

So really, other than just knowing what they are up to, there is no point in going for us.