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Comment: Society's Norms

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Society's Norms

I suppose the answer to that question is that it is dependent on the norms of that society. Most of our beliefs come first from our parents and then second from our circle of friends.

Obviously, we can argue that if the non-aggression principle was universally translated and understood to include the unborn, there would likely be fewer abortions. Obviously, the government has no business of interjecting in issues of morality. So abortions shouldn't be illegal because society hasn't universally agreed whether it is acceptable or not. I doubt we will ever get that far that there is universal agreement either way. Now, if we as a society experience some kind of renaissance in what we truly believe, then it's possible that abortion may fade away if enough people in society opt against it as a personal decision. An abortion doctor will only stay in business as long as that business sustains him. A lack of patients and he withers away and then there may be nobody to do except when medically necessary.

If you generally oppose abortion, you should try to influence others to accept the non-aggression principle as including acts of aggression against the unborn.

The problem I see with pro-lifers and pro-choice people is that both of them want the government to take a position on the issue. I want as little government as possible, I would rather society's norms decide this issue.