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I understand that members of

I understand that members of the military overwhelmingly supported RP by voting with their wallets. They supported RP far more than any other candidate & all of them combined.

In regards to there being "better places to aim my frustration," that's not what I was doing with my reply... I was not aiming my "frustration" (whatever you mean by that) anywhere. I simply took a few seconds to post a simple truth and in a small way maybe will have a positive impact on others who might read this discussion in the future.

However, in person I often talk to friends/family/neighbors who recently joined or are considering it. My last conversation with a friend's cousin was the following:

Q: Why did you join?
A: To get away from my mother. (she literally said that).

Q: Who decides when the US goes to war?
A: The President. (She was unaware that Congress is the only branch of our government with this specific authority under our Constitution)

Q: (After educating her why her last answer was wrong & having to show her the text of the Constitution to prove it because she did not initially believe she was wrong) Were you required to swear an oath to the Constitution?
A: Yes

Q: Did the Army educate you in our Constitution during your training before requiring you to swear an oath to it or did you study it at all since you are sworn to obey it?
A: No. That's the sort of stuff we learn in school.

Q: Did your school do a good job teaching you about the Constitution?
A: (After thinking a moment about our conversation) No, not at all.

I have conversations similar to that probably a few times per year, what you might consider a small bit of outreach.

Regarding the dishonorable discharge for not obeying orders that require soldiers to violate their oaths to our Constitution... oddly enough, that would be an honorable dishonorable discharge. What could be more honorable than having the integrity to actually abide by an oath that you make. AFAIK, the UCMJ even obligates soldiers to disobey orders that they know to be unlawful (which includes constitutionally unlawful orders). An order to carry out warfare without a declaration of such war by Congress IS unlawful under our Constitution. Although I understand that this type of real honor is deemed unworthy by the current system. They just want it to look good on paper and in recruitment videos. For those who fear the consequences of truly abiding by their oaths, I suppose that is understandable.

The treatment an honorable soldier would receive for actually disobeying unlawful orders and abiding by his oath to our Constitution is similar to what Ron Paul described in the following quote: "Dissenters who tell their fellow citizens what is really going on are subject to smear campaigns that, like clockwork, are aimed at the political heretic. Truth is treason in the empire of lies."

If you got the impression that I'm anti-military / anti-troops in any way you could not be more incorrect. I just wish that more of them would simply wake up and become aware about how things truly are.