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This is Dave's brother here. It's real intense out here right now. It's 2 am-pitch black and it's raining...still

I've never climbed Everest before but the main tent here is a lot like what I'd imagine Base Camp #1 to be. Rain is dripping through the roof of the tent, there's only a few chairs for runners to sit on and there's wet clothes scattered everywhere like empty oxygen tanks. Runners just seem to appear out of the darkness in the far off distance with a faint glimmer of light coming from their head lamps. The runners have been going for hours now and some are on their 50th mile. When they come into the tent you see the exhaustion and disorientation on their faces. The workers in the tent frantically scurry around to record the times and serve them hot broth and boiled potatoes along with plenty of fluids. Brother man is in high spirits and doing well.

More to come...

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