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On the right track

I think PatriotEyes may be inadvertently on to something. There are websites that are watched by other entities. DHS watches sites that center around areas of suspicion listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center etc.

There are fusion centers everywhere and now the NSA is building that huge intelligence gathering facility in Utah. There's no doubt in my mind they are monitoring the OathKeepers site, & even this one. I would certainly hope that the sites' Back doors are closed and locked up tight.

Back in 2009 DHS was seeking computer hackers ("cyber experts"). What was the real reason?

We definitely know they got in the back door of FaceBook when they arrested Brandon Raub based on his Private posts between his siblings.

To me this is the ONLY way OathKeepers could even slightly be considered psy-ops, but then that would make the DP & other Patriot/Liberty sites psy-ops too. That's not right.