Comment: George Washington wasn't trying to make money off the Revolution

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George Washington wasn't trying to make money off the Revolution

I read everyones comments, one things for sure, nothing has changed between the 2 camps of this subject, and having the nomination over, I was at least glad to see everyone was a lot cooler about their opinions than in months past...

As far as my part, MY COMPANY brought in a couple thousand dollars selling "Ron Paul Message Signs" during the campaign. The "Not For Sale-Ron Paul" sign, and many other original slogans were put out by us during the past year. We sold them, and took EVERY PENNY, and then some, and gave 300% back to the cause. I myself had over 400 sign/HUGE banner hits, our meet-up group donated time, cash and labor to get more of these signs out, we shipped product and shipping costs FOR FREE to over 20 primary states, to people on the DP who needed materials, no questions asked...Our moneybomb donations came out of our own pockets, not one penny from this effort.

All in all, we made over 5000 custom signs, along side with dozens of HUGE wood painted and banner signs. We lost over $3000.00 off the effort and countless 100's of hours collectively (it was our pleasure, I wish we'd of had more money to chip-in) but did our best for Ron Paul with-out wanting, or caring about a penny of profit!!!

That's the diffrence between my company, our meet-up group and most of us on here supporting Ron Paul in comparision to Ron Paul Products (in it for the cash) We gave 110%, gave our time, our money, gave all we could... In my humble opinion, shame on anyone who profited off the Revolution!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

We did it, and GAVE!! Not Took!!!
George Washington believed in captialism as I, but not off the back of the Revolution!!!

Thanks guys,
I said what I had to say about the topic!