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Comment: Excellent post doctor. So what is the best course of action?

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Excellent post doctor. So what is the best course of action?

I've tried this post once before in hopes of stirring debate on where do we go from here. I would be ecstatic for some involvement from Ron Paul over the coming years, including a another run in 2016, but I won't hold my breath. With that said, I have been pondering about the future direction of the liberty movement for some time. Now that it's apparent the good doctor isn't going to get the nomination, I'm wondering what is the best design to follow to achieve an enormous unified organization under at least a basic platform? Other post have discussed leaving each individual to do as he or she feels best, but I'm speaking more in terms of a united front under

I really do like the idea ( for the time being ) of essentially taking over the GOP from within and ousting establishment folks, but I fear that we will lose Democrats and Independents that are having the very same awakening as us old Republicans are. I also love the idea of a third party, but with the rules stacked against it, there might not be a viable option now.

To keep this quick reading...

How to we get disenfranchised, awakened Libertarian party, Tea party, Constitution party, Republican party, Democratic party, Reform party etc... under one banner?

How we get the masses of people that follow Judge Napolitano, Mike Church, Alex Jones, Kevin Trudeau, Bob Chapman, Tom Woods, Jesse Ventura, Jim Rogers, Ron Paul etc. to pitch/push for one future organization and help be the watchdog for it? Yes, I know not everyone agrees with some of those figures mentioned, but they do all have listeners that can perhaps unite on a basic platform.

How do we get the Ron Paul and Liberty web sites to unite or at least contribute to one future organization while maintaining their individuality?

I would like to see the top leaders and talking heads of the liberty movement get together and hash out the best course of action. Sure there will be disagreements, but the way to beat the empire is from a united rebellion with millions of people behind it. Power in numbers! It just seems to me that we are all individually doing our part and that's great, but I believe sooner or later we are going to have to pick a direction for the awakened masses to follow, participate, raise money, elect politicians and focus the talking heads on topics and maybe leaders we can all agree on.

Whether Obama or Romney loses, you can bet both parties already have a conveyor belt of pre-selected candidates for the coming years. I feel, we have really no one, and I get the sense that we don't trust many either. Who will have the voting record of a Dr. Paul?