Comment: Plan of Action = POA

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Plan of Action = POA

Waiting is so negative. But we need a plan of action to implement after the election. After the election, some of these parties will be somewhat neutered, as is, our own Dr. Paul. Possibly all these people will see the need to unite in stregnth, as for example OPEC and APEC have on the global level.

I suggest that Judge Nap could be the uniter of all these parties. We have Ben Swann and (no matter what her agenda) Rachael Maddow prepared to speak out against disenfranchisment.

The sickening reality will really will set in after the election.

A new unified party is the only way to go. The repugnance some people feel for either the dems, or the repubs, will not allow us to work within either party.

In my opinion, changing the rules on ballots and debates, would be far more realistic.

After the election, Independents will be more receptive to the idea of unity, as the hopelessness hits home. However, some ground work must be done, and maybe, it has already started.