Comment: Why do you bother asking people for solutions?

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Why do you bother asking people for solutions?

As you saw, the response to your last post was nil. People here don't want to discuss solutions anymore. They want to gossip about how bad things are and use that to justify feeling defeated. It's the downfall of a great site that used to be predicated on grass roots ACTIVITY.

Still, you asked for a solution in response to the Doctor's post which didn't offer one so I'll post one more time that I have come up with some solutions that you may be interested in looking at. The only response they've gotten is 1 comment and 2 likes (that weren't mine). Oh, I did get lots of feedback on another comment where I summarized and linked to them but that was all for a typo!

So you guys want to fix the election - as in repair it? Check out my last post and you'll find something that a smallish group can do and that most groups (including the masses of the big two) would support.

If you want to see some fallacies and misdirections in whom or what to unite behind, check out the next to last post.

These are two small pieces of a much larger plan that is already underway on the private side. The difference is that the election amendment one needs popular support so therefore it needs awareness.

Will it bring change, as the OP writes? If we can get some support behind this or another idea that actually promotes a unified solution for people to rally behind. If, on the other hand, we continue infighting and petty whining, then we're definitely going right where the OP says. It's up to the people. I'm just a solution provider.