Comment: Everyone should be free to support whom they choose.

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Everyone should be free to support whom they choose.

However the Johnson, Romney and Obama supporters are taking over this site dedicated to Ron Paul and attempting to force their views upon other individuals. Yet many claim to be libertarian. I just don't see how they are so oblivious to the hypocrisy.

If I had to choose between the lesser of three evils, I would vote Johnson over Romney or Obama.

Fortunately I can vote for fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, military defense, liberty and the rule of law as detailed in the Constitution by casting a vote for Ron Paul.

Thanks for the thread. It is not right to ban any topic, but then it is not right to come to this site and see 90% of the threads related to voting Obama/Romney/Johnson with rarely a mention of Dr. Paul.

As far as I am concerned Ron Paul is the only reason to vote. Having said that, far be it from me to attempt to talk someone else into doing what I think they should. It would be nice if everyone else felt and acted the same.