Comment: 'Obama’s [road] is a bullet train to nowhere.'

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'Obama’s [road] is a bullet train to nowhere.'

Not necessarily. Obama's road coming into view now (despite Romney's candidacy) may well be the tipping point to change. Most people avoid change and would rather suffer encroachments on their liberties than the unknowns that change entails.

It is only when things become too intolerable that some people will abandon that former comfort zone. When the comfortably ignorant get bit in the a** by the status quo, they may finally move for change.

I may sound like an Obama supporter but I am not, nor am I a progressive. I could not possibly vote for this fraud nor can I vote for Romney. I believe they are both a danger to our constitution but I believe Romney is actually a greater danger to our liberties than Obama.

I contend that more people will be polarized against a scorched earth, second term Obama, than a Romney as Head Chef cooking frog-in-the-pot.