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Rakish -- That's not true

For any "law" or "law enforcement" to work you must have a "gov't database" or a "database everyone volunteers for"

Without a database, without forced documentation (like DMV or IRS), you would not be able to "force" people to comply with the execution of punishments.

The hallmark of a free-society is ANONYMITY. You can't have that AND property-protection-schemas -- people will simply not comply when they disagree with a verdict.

Hell -- in a free-society not only do I have to agree to meet you in court (there is no mechanism to force me there) but I have to agree to whom is the presiding judge, smile.

The "protectionism" woven into An-Cap philosophy exists because most people cannot "see" how possessions are protected via a free-market self-defense system, so they bring their old-habits of understanding into the "utopia" -- meaning they insist on courts and laws and rules.

Bonds will be placed, voluntarily (and to a trusted 3rd party), a-head of most agreements should either party fail to complete their side of it. The bond will be forfeited, based on a rubric (agreed to by both parties).

All of that "without" a court system to "protect" people.

This can be easily understood if one meditates on the effect of competing currencies -- how they effect the value of assets in the long-run; also, a meditation on just how wealthy people gain profit-bursts in such a society.