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corporatist apologetics

A close reading of Rand's work finds a cleverly concealed apology for corporatism, tax farming and even feudalism. Her efforts to conflate post-modern problems with our classical liberal heritage do much to push readers to a false right-left paradigm. In addition, her novels are third rate pulp fiction and her attempts at philosophy are so shallow as to compel only those suffering from a total ignorance of the subject. Her cheap and jejeune treatment of Immanuel Kant is quite revealing: she certainly agrees with the neo-cons that the end justifies the means. Kantian ethics is far more subtle and logical than Rand can admit. The basic idea is that an action is morally acceptable only if said action can be performed universally without harm. For instance, tax farming is immoral because it only works when a privileged caste indulge in the practice. If everyone abandoned productivity and fell to extortion, society would immediately collapse. Obviously, persons who rely on state privilege would balk at Kant's thesis. In essence, Kantian ethics is the repudiation of feudal license and depredation. As the old saying goes: what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Our corporatist overlords would like to see themselves as John Galt type characters, but they are actually useless parasites. Without government subsidies and laws that force us to buy their useless products they would instantly fail. If only they could leave us for tax-farmers gulch. It is no accident that Paul "NDAA" Ryan is an Ayn Rand fan.

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics, is to be governed by inferiors ~ Plato