Comment: 1. If we all pooled our votes

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1. If we all pooled our votes

1. If we all pooled our votes behind a 3rd party candidate, they would get historic numbers that wouldn't be ignored or joked about in the media. The 46% of Americans who believe both Romney and Obama are "two evils" and the 60-80% of Americans willing to consider a 3rd party candidate would realize that if they jumped their party ship and joined the growing support behind a better candidate, Johnson could have won. The old belief about being only able to choose "the lesser of two evils" and "3rd party can't win" now being gone would help people be more open minded to all candidates regardless of party affiliation in 2016. "Help end the two party duopoly" is referring to this being the beginning of the end of it IF we follow through with the strategy.

Even Paul himself in his 3rd party press conference mentions how a 3rd party candidate would have a chance and end the 2 party duopoly if the American people see both parties as being the same in the worst ways which is what would happen if Johnson were in the national debates.

Feel free to watch and wait for it.

2. If Johnson had a large number of support just after the GOP knew it alienated a huge group of voters, they would put two and two together and realize a large number of their votes lost went to him. If the GOP lost, in 2016 they wouldn't want to alienate again, they would want to get us back to vote for their side so they could win. If they won by only a small margin, which shows that it could have been a coin-flip to them, not the probability someone that wants to have, then they wouldn't want it to come down to the wire again in 2016. Again, they would want more voters. Plus by this time, they would have already noticed that our takeover has really begun and was in full swing.

3. Pretty sure that getting a libertarian nominated in the GOP and even made president so they can set an inspiring example to others would promote our takeover of the party seeing as more libertarians would wake up, get involved, some RINOs and neo-cons could change their mind about the way they look at their own beliefs and politics to the point they wouldn't even need to be replaced, and the GOP platform would be extremely libertarian in order to match up with what libertarian president would want to do... similar to Bush's "humble foreign policy" except this time... actually following through with it.

It all sounds realistic to me. Feel free to invalidate any of that reasoning if you can... or continue to just keep repeating your baseless claim that "it's just fantasy".

It may seem like "fantasy" to you, but you haven't put any deep thought into it. I bet stars being suns in other solar systems seemed like "fantasy" too a thousand years ago to those that didn't care enough to spend time figuring it out.

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