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1. Paul has only endorse 3

1. Paul has only endorsed 3 candidates in his entire 3 decade long career. Even Gary Johnson doesn't expect him to endorse him.

Given how highly Paul considers his own endorsement... we then have to consider what he's said for more guidance if we really want his input.

He's said he didn't trust Romney.
He's said Obama was worse, but only slightly.
He's said that Gary Johnson was wonderful, doing a good job, and we should take a look at him for ourselves for those reasons.

He puts the idea that he doesn't want anyone to think that he has political influence in people's lives or that he would try manipulating it if he happened to have it, before anything else. Hence why he himself even says he doesn't understand why so many people support him. The most accurate acknowledgement he's made is "People are waking up!"

2. Paul himself has said that it's those bills that have the very little good in them, but people still vote to get their part of the bill through, that is a huge party of the problems in congress. He wouldn't vote for them for THAT reason. Those bills were a conflict of his own and someone else's principles, NOT of two or more of HIS OWN principles by them self. That makes a big difference and shows how it's a different circumstance.

This is the choice between a write-in that only you will remember and benefit from on an emotional level OR a long list of positive things that are the full potential for the country and liberty movement... both including yourself.

3. Gary Johnson, like Ron Paul and his "Dr. No" nickname, has a nickname of his own from his 8 years as governor... "Governor Veto". Both vetoing more bills than all the other states combined and an extensive use of his line-item veto power. If he didn't have the ability to line-item veto... he wouldn't pass the bill. Only two bills that he's vetoed out of almost a thousand have actually passed with 2/3 vote from state senate.

4. Damn you hypocrite! :P

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