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Minor Details

Yes, regardless of ideology! But perhaps it is the very has but a few strings and anything can be played upon it per Manning below. Maybe that is why Hamilton pushed it along with the First Central Bank...

How about this for a read:

You will see that Patrick Henry was opposed to the Constitution. Page 229:
"made like A Fiddle, with but few Strings,"
"play any tune upon it they pleased."
In Context:
"Regarding the Constitutional Convention, he [William Manning] echoed a common Anti-Federalist complaint: the framers deliberately employed ambiguous language to facilitate their aristocratic designs. He confidently asserted, "The Convention who made it intended to destroy our free government by, or they neaver would have spent 4 Months in making such an inexpliset thing." The Constitution was a "made like A Fiddle, with but few Strings," so that those in power might "play any tune upon it they pleased." The ambiguity of the Constitution was a deliberate product of Federalist aristocratic machinations-confirmed by the practices of Federalists since ratification. Under the guise of constructive interpretations, Federalists were seeking to extend the powers of their federal government and trample on the people's liberties."

I am not anti-Constitution by any means. I am just saying maybe the states were hoodwinked and we are living in the aftermath...cheif of which may be the fact that state competition has been removed and 2 parties inserted and true trial by jury lost.