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I will be voting my conscience

I see people begging me to compromise and settle for Johnson so 'he gets into the debates' - and 'so the Libertarian party can get matching funds in '16' - and 'to teach the GOP a lesson' - and 'because it is good for the movement' - 'because we'll get some of what we want'

I will be voting my conscience and it has nothing to do with Gary Johnson. Yes - people should vote their conscience. I object to the mammoth Gary Johnson push lately. I personally don't think it is good for the movement.

If it was such a good move - Ron Paul would have endorsed. He has endorsed before. Not that I take orders from him - but I do consider him the leader of our movement and I would trust his judgment. And don't say 'Ron said to take a good look at Johnson' is an endorsement - it isn't. I've looked and thought about it.