Comment: Too many RP folk...

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Too many RP folk...

... with their heads in the sand. They think if Johnson makes a poor showing in November it somehow helps the cause of liberty.

McCain lost by 10 million votes. He could have done with just five million votes in he right places and he would have given O a run for his money. If Johnson gets more than five million votes in November, the GOP is on notice that they can't win without us.

If Johnson loses badly, The RNC and their media lackeys will tell the world that "this is proof positive that the Ron Paul movement has some passionate supporters by they are thinly spread as demonstrated by Johnson's poor showing. Either that, or they are just not united for their cause, which also serve us well. No need to take these Paul people seriously. They are no threat to us as Johnson's showing proves."

I took my Ron Paul stickers off my cars, because it stressed me out that I might be associated with people who are so blind that they think denigrating Gary Johnson somehow advances Ron Paul's cause.

Plano TX