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California update: CA is a piece of cake and has the big elector

prize, 55 electors. A big Paul write-in here could swing the election all by itself.

No Ron Paul approval required, requires at least 55 electoral candidates to file declarations with the Sec of State. Always get an official time-stamped copy of your declaration. Someone should coordinate CA and centralized the declarations, and get an official statement on letterhead that the requirement has been met for an official write-in!

From CA elections division:


1. Voters in the General Election are technically voting for the 55 Presidential Elector candidates, not directly for the candidates for President and Vice President. Therefore, in order to be a write-in presidential candidate, that candidate must have 55 write-in Presidential Elector candidates file papers pledging themselves to the presidential candidate.

2. The 55 write-in candidates for Presidential Elector who have pledged themselves to vote for a candidate for President and a candidate for Vice President must file a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy, which must be received by the Secretary of State on or before October 23, 2012 (E-14).

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