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well yea

Im not here to be popular with votes, It was a serious post, and I understand people are pissed, but the whole point of this post was to remain emotionally consistent and calm no matter who disagrees no matter who swears or curses, it was a test,
yes the subject is touchy, but notice that it was my intention to have my fellow peers talk like this. TPTB have honed that ability to tell the mass something and stick with it, so we should also. and what better way than to be unpopular with your peers, because its the hardest people you can face, justifying was hard, but I had to be consistent and calm, I know oathkeepers are real and out there
its a practice the elite do, thats why they are so successful, and so is Ron Paul, I promise many Liberty lovers still have not understood Ron Paul's views, and his attitude, they still don't understand what it means to be really consistent, there was nothing wrong with my suggestion, and really its only you(as in people) who will choose how to react to others opinions