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We can and should do both.

Goode regrets his positions on the wars, and there are many in the CP who are not happy with his former positions and are skeptical of him like us, as they are an Anti-war party... I think those are the people we aught be reaching out to, those in the CP.

There are paleo-cons and libertarians that may sit better with Goode I implore them and anyone who likes the CP to work with them and try to spread a constitutional message with them. The CP may be able to reach people, pro-lifers, conservatives that it might be hard to get to vote for Johnson perhaps... They are the third biggest party, and Romney is no real conservative after all.

Hopefully if we worked with them we could get some in the CP to see that the state cannot beat the market in the drugs war or at least that it's not a Federal issue whilst they're at it.

I think others should work with the LP and spread the message with them, we can reach people with them obviously. We can have a multi-pronged strategy as a liberty movement can we not.