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Yes, I am a GOP loyalist

I signed a loyalty oath and I will keep it.

GJ's LP flop will hurt the LM and that is WHY GOP GJ accepting the nomination from the struggling, weak, LP, so he could flop it, and then return to his CFR buddies in the GOP to cheers and future power.

Before Ron Paul has a tea party, many conservatives were very angry at Clinton, while they may have wanted Clinton impeached on constitutional grounds, Bob Barr impeached Clinton on personal behavior grounds, and became a hero of sorts to those who wanted Conton impeached. What did Bob Barr do, he accepted the LP nomination and he stood for conservatives who wanted constitutional government, and then he flopped.

Those people had no where to go, and that's how and why our tea party was co-opted, to give them a place to go.. kinda like Meet-up.

If you think the 10 fat cats and their dirty rats are going to play fair and nice, you really under-estimated them.

GJ could have supported Ron Paul, instead, he campaigned AGAINST Ron paul in the GOP, and then he accepted the nomination to the LP, which he intends to flop, just like Bob Barr.

Ron Paul ASKED you to join the GOP and become a delegate, to join a rEVOLution within the GOP. GJ is simply asking for your vote.. he has no intention of growing any liberty movement.