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Penalties, Pardons and Punishments

I see a fondness of Greek Philosophy, then you will know that ungoverned (free) markets are indeed the most efficient and 'fair', and that the application of PPPs (penalties, pardons and punishments) by groups or bodies immediately alters behavior and there no longer a undistorted free society.

Any governed body will suffer from PPP's, and human behavior is altered in response to governing law. But it is governing groups application of PPP's that alters behavior good or bad (unethically).

Ayn Rand is ultimately correct in that man will respond in his own self interest. Government's intentional or unintentional application of PPP's creates distortions that harm the efficient and fair nature of free society and individual self interest.

The 19th Century saw far fewer regulations (application of PPPs) and the markets moved with less distortion and we had a more prosperous and peaceful world as she points out.

I would move that the 'overlords' you refer to be directed to those governing bodies creating the PPP's, not specifically corporations which alter behavior based on misapplied government. Politicians operating in own self interest, create PPPs which in turn may benefit certain corporations/individuals. Therefore the 'corporate parasites' you describe are actually a product of governing bodies applying PPPs. Another example of a governing bodies distorting the free market -> corporations learn the benefits of manipulating governing bodies -> and become "evil".

Any body of humans wishing to live in a free society, would hope for as few (or smallest) governing bodies as possible, and for a market to operate efficiently and fair it should be as free of PPPs as possible. I think Rand's objectivism speaks to that accurately.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"