Comment: That's not what I mean though

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That's not what I mean though

The idea of responding to Romney and the RNC *cheating* so boldly and openly, by pledging loyalty to the organization that did the cheating and supporting the candidate who ordered it, is just repulsive.

What I'm saying is that a weakened GOP, a GOP in crisis (and any party that cheats that way should find themselves in crisis) is vulnerable. Organizing a protest vote is *not* in conflict with the long-term goal of taking over the GOP, in fact it's a first step in that direction, a step of making it clear that they may have the rule-making and rule-breaking power, but they were mistaken in thinking they can do those kinds of things and expect to win elections that way. This isn't about Johnson BTW, because a visible and effective protest in November can be based on votes for Johnson, Goode, and others, and write-ins for Ron Paul in those states that report them.

Not standing up to them in a visible and tangible way in November sends the opposite message.