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I figure

it's been a while and most people should be bout itching to phone bomb Hannity and name drop Gary Johnson just to get Sean all riled up. lol. Activists get ansy like that.

I mean even if you're not gonna vote for him in November, how can you resist the temptation to have a little fun using Johnson as a thorn to torment the neo-con media pundits a little more. Like we used to do them with Ron Paul when we had nothing to lose and everything to prove. Right now they're mission is to sell Romney (and Obama) to voters. Johnson is the last name they want interrupting their sales pitch. Why Johnson? Because he has more executive branch experience than Romney or Obama.

Can he get elected? No. Even with all of the forces of the all mighty DP working behind him, he would not finish higher than 2nd in the popular vote. But that would mean one of the other two bozos would have to finish third. That would shake things up in Washington. That would be a win for the liberty and smaller government movement. Can't win the election does not mean we have to finish 3rd. And it certainly doesn't mean we can't have some fun and rattle a few cages and use the next 2 months as an opportunity to give the finger to the man, for old time sake.