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I agree with everything you said

I just don't share your dampened spirits.

I appreciate a good fight and this is a great fight. I really feel that doing what Ron Paul asked us all to do has been one of my greatest political challenges. I'm no longer on the streets, fighting two parties, MSM and the powers that be. As more liberty minded people join my committee, I know we all feel great joy voting against unconstitutional laws.

Maybe it's because all, or each of us, has been through so many battles, in so many arenas, from so many fronts, to have just one, the GOP, and it is "ours", wee the people own it, and we can take it from the fat cats and dirty rats, as more of us continue to grow the party into a liberty party.

It's not meant to be easy or fair, that wouldn't make it a good fight, actually that would be cause for concern, but instead, we learn and grow, and it's comes with some hard tests, but also some great joys. Ron Paul is WITH me only because I am WITH him, fighting to restore America to constitutional government in the GOP.

I guess it just beats sitting around waiting for the next shoe to drop? (not that you are)