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I especially agree with your second point. I'm moving over to the Libertarian Party because the Republican Party has proven itself dirty as hell. And I'm voting for Gary Johnson even though he's pro-choice. The nation is in full-blown debt, unemployment is high, the Federal Reserve keeps on inflating, the warmongering won't stop any time soon. I am definitely going to make my vote count in order to put the Libertarian Party on the map for 2016. And even if I did really hate that Gary Johnson was pro-choice, who cares you're right he's not going into office anyways. Let's use this election cycle to get the LP on the map and as a viable third party.

I don't think the GOP is going to change from within. We went into the whale's belly to try to change it. We thought we could change it, but the whale sh*t us out into the ocean, so I'm moving onto the whale that already accepts me.