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I appreciate the pep talk. And, as you probably guessed, I am not "sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop." I am going to try to help the Gary Johnson campaign, both electorally and ideologically (try to get it to become more libertarian). I feel that a good showing by Johnson would have to be reported by the media, and this could cause honest people everywhere to do Internet research on liberty oriented writers and organizations, as his name would be associated with the word "libertarian." That would change political discourse in this country in such a way that it could not be reversed.

I recommend that Ron Paul followers join their state Libertarian Party organizations, IF in their state it is possible to join without giving up their Republican registrations. I know this is possible in some states (heck, in some states you aren't even allowed to register Libertarian). Some of you may not know this, but the LP has the choice "None of the Above" on their nomination ballots. If RP followers controlled the LP, they would have the following options in 2016:

1. If it seems certain that a liberty candidate will be nominated by the GOP, the LP could refuse to nominate someone, thus not splitting the liberty vote for President.

2. If we have a fiasco like this year, where the GOP insiders fight tooth and nail to stifle any liberty influence on the nomination, using every dirty trick in the book, the LP could nominate a true liberty candidate, and LP growth from 2012 could fund a winning campaign. If, somehow then we were successful anyway in getting a liberty candidate nominated by the GOP, the LP candidate (since he/she would be one of us) could simply quit the race and endorse the GOP candidate.

It may seem like a long shot, but my history with the liberty movement goes back 35 years, and I've seen a lot, and believe me, what's going on now in terms of a liberty awakening in this country is more than I'd ever dreamed possible. I'm sorry for sounding like such a "Debbie Downer" earlier but really, I'm just still smarting from what happened in Tampa. I think my spirits and hopes will improve as time goes on.