Comment: this guy was selling €50k trips to the moon on an unbuilt ship

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this guy was selling €50k trips to the moon on an unbuilt ship

ah, but those links disappeared from his site. But not from The Wayback Machine.

My favorite is their "clear rules of conduct" on their shop on how unverifiable all their charitable donations are. (Ah, they re/moved it, thank you again, Wayback Machine) Should it disappear yet again, here it is in full, I kid you not:

Your money is well used:
The Keshe Foundation has clear rules of conduct
A maximum of 5% of the Foundation’s income will be spend on administration and expenses and the balance (95%) will be divided into five equal parts:
19% for further reseach and development
19% for funding education worldwide
19% for direct support to the needy
19% for world peace and the environment
19% for world religious studies and unification
The Foundation’s bookkeeping and accounts will be available for inspection.

Why look, they also have a scam warning site.

I'd approach this with as much skepticism as possible.

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