Comment: Update from the family

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Update from the family

"The hospital staff is very happy my brother Dick is there. There was some definite progress today. Dick took a break for an hour or two to go to the beach but he deserves that as he has a tough job. Dick's words: "I need to get Jimmy's brain working again."

Jim and Dick did lots of talking today. Jim can recall some things but not others. When Dick asked who he lived with he indicated an individual we know he lived with 40 years ago. He knows he lives in Reno and remembers living in Washington and Idaho but is unable to recall he also lived in Montana. They talked about lots of different people and again he knows some but not others. They actually exchanged a few words in German. It is news to me either one of them knew German!

All tubes have been removed except for the iv for pain medications. Jim is eating some very soft foods and with help is able to get to the bathroom. He kept asking Dick to help him sit up. However, when sitting the pain in his should/arm is intolerable.

Way to go Dick. We are rooting for both Jim and you!!

Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!"