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I used to be pro-choice

Ron Paul influenced me to be pro-life. I thought pro-choice would logically be the outcome of any contemplation on which position is the libertarian stance. It seems to be for many libertarians right now. Oddly enough, it's Dr. Paul's professional opinion that life begins at conception that made me really think about this issue as opposed to just adopting his position without question. If a doctor who specializes in all things prenatal believes life begins at conception, then there must be something that happens at conception to make it so apparent to him. I pondered on this last thought for awhile and this is what I came up with:

Prior to conception, the egg is just an egg. By itself, it will never become anything. By itself, it is not life. It will not perpetuate itself. It will not grow. The same is true of the sperm. It is not life, either. It will not grow. Left alone, it will never become anything more. However, at conception, everything changes. These separate things combine and a series of processes take place. A cell is formed and has purpose. It divides and divides and then those cells change and take on different functions, eventually leading to a new human. All of these are life-building processes. We should not interrupt this process. We should not act aggressively to stop these processes.