Comment: Those were both excellent post.

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Those were both excellent post.

I'm afraid I can't offer much help on your algorithm post. Honestly, it's a bit over my head. You're obviously on to something here and my advice would come off as intellectually bankrupt. lol I mean, you need to write a book, get on a talk show, get some financial backers or something etc..

Your second post was well written and made perfect sense. You are right though. You received 2 votes up and no responses. Mine was a dumbed down version of yours, and I received the same two votes.

I think I can sum up the problem. What we have in the liberty movement are folks that are awakened. They had enough intelligence to challenge their own ideological beliefs and be open to what's really going on. However, in my opinion, most are like....................minds that have been rebooted, or waking up from a long time coma Neo ( reference the Matrix ) when he awoke from the matrix. You get the idea.

I say this b/c although I'm more of an advocate than many of the people i've woken up, but even I am searching for the next leader, the next Ron Paul. I think the power of the dark side is too big for the individual to fight. I truly believe we need several big time leaders, several big time media pundits and one political party that takes in disenfranchised people that have had similar awakenings and gets them under one banner.

Yes, I do believe we also need to do this by the grass roots. For example I registered and was on the ballot to become a district Rep. committeeman for the REC.

This is only my opinion, but I just get the sense we need one big organized political party to unify and focus the millions of people into. I would like to see the current liberty members in congress, the current radio liberty talking heads, the current liberty web sites etc.. form a basic platform they can all reasonably agree on.

You can bet the the TPTB will use the divide and conquer strategy against us.

PS. Maybe the Daily Paul should have a "where do we go from here forum"? Where people can discuss and organize rather than just bitch and rant.