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Thank you for posting this

Every day more of the pieces of the puzzle are put into place. The problem is that we are not getting this information out to the masses quickly enough. Knowledge is power and every day more and more whistleblowers are coming forward to warn us of the truth and that we as a people need to stop the total takeover of our government and the destruction of our Constitution. Everyone, please share this. I now use "startpage" as my search engine. Whether it protects me from big brothers eyes or not, I have nothing to lose in comparasion to Big Brother's GOOGLE. I searched "operation stellar wind" and will spend the rest of my day researching it instead of deadening my brain with television. It takes only ONE search item like this to bring you to so many other items of truth to research. They are watching all of us and already have plenty of information on us so we have nothing to lose to continue our quest for truth and our obligation to share it.