Comment: There's no need to change parties to vote Libertarian

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There's no need to change parties to vote Libertarian

I think fixing the Republican party is still important. We should continue replacing dishonest people with principled conservatives and move the party back to it's roots. Continue putting liberty candidates in office. But having some competition could only help. With another party to turn to, each party would have to truly consider what American citizens want - not just the lobbyists and special interest groups. We have the whole future ahead of us to determine what works, what should be changed and which party serves us best.

I would not be so certain that Gary Johnson can't win. Ron Paul has said that only about 16% of the population votes for a candidate they actually like . Considering the precarious state of things, and the growing discontent (tea party, occupy), this may be the year enough people rebel against the status quo to make a difference. I suspect that with a Johnson presidency, congress would be so resentful, they'd go back to fulfilling their role of keeping the presidential powers in check. And a win by Johnson could mean some significant position for Ron Paul - somewhere that he could do a great deal of good!

At the very least, competition would be increased and that always leads to a better product.