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Comment: Great letter!

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Great letter!

This is another reason why we CANNOT vote for Romney in this election cycle. If Romney is elected, our chance for a liberty candidate in the White House is gone till 2020.

Obama is out of the question, if reelected we may NOT have another election cycle to go after, period.

A ‘write in’ Ron Paul campaign for this election, is outright stupid and insane, and is EXACLY what the establishment running our two party system wants you to do.

Remember; they don’t care who is elected. So please put your thinking caps on ladies and gentlemen, as we have precious little time to waste. And waiting another four years is NOT an option as the establishment’s hand writing is clearly on the wall.

Therefore; if Ron Paul DOES NOT want to take a stab at a 'Third Party Run’, we must find a candidate who will.

We have GOT to put aside all our BULLSHIT infighting on this subject, and start working together as a unified group to establish a liberty government, even if it’s ONE BRICK at a time.

Conclusion: Lets unite, PICK a third party candidate, and then stand behind him 100%.

The Winds of Change!