Comment: Thanks for your higher opinon of me than my comment warranted.

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Thanks for your higher opinon of me than my comment warranted.

Rand will be on Fox News w/Hannity tomorrow also. He is making the rounds on the talking-heads programs, it seems.

The airwaves are already owned by the statists, IMO. Is he trying to wake those asleep or is he trying to change us? I haven't decided yet. The candidates have already been chosen for 2012. There is nothing that can be changed for this election cycle. The changes that could have made should have been attempted during the previous year, like we have been trying to do, not now. It's too late, now. The political memory of people is very short, so what is Rand really trying to do now is the question? It's done now, over and finished, for this election. If Rand did wake up some people by participating in these political programs, who are they going to vote for? Rand's endorsement of Romney means that he would like others to also vote for Romney, us included. How is that going to change anything? You have a higher opinion of me than I do for the RNC and this political game being played-out. As you can tell, I don't like the game at all. The heart of the Liberty Movement is being eviscerated by all these actions, IMO. What will be left when this process is completed?