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So your simple answer is

So your simple answer is "Would preserve our integrity as being NAP principled" then?

The question was regarding how the votes would affect the liberty movement as a whole. It wasn't regarding just the message. There's a lot more to consider than just our message that gets barely heard from write-ins.

And to answer your question... given the much longer list I have for positive things that happen to the liberty movement and the country as a result of getting behind Johnson... yes... I would pick #1. Standing idly by saying "I take no responsibility because I didn't vote or voted for Ron Paul" instead of voting to make violation of NAP much less than it has been for decades with a person that's open-minded and willing to listen to libertarians to better place his policies... yeah. I would be doing more to lessen and eventually bring down the amount of NAP violation than you would be. Being a consequentialist compared to a deontologist allows you to be more than self-centered for the sake of guarding your own ego.

This isn't a "lesser of three evils" situation because Johnson isn't a crook and liar.

If Johnson wasn't on the ticket, I would write-in Paul... because there wouldn't be a non-evil choice. There's more to a candidate being "evil" than how much they violate NAP.

The fact is that Gary Johnson isn't only "better by a fraction of an inch" as you're trying to imply with an exaggeration. And again... I'm looking at the end result of votes for Johnson whether he were to win or lose... the end results for the liberty movement for 2012 and 2016 regardless of who wins the presidency.

Feel free to consider all of those things.

So, was that the only thing on your pro-write-in list? I'll add the only other one I've heard and then compare it to my list if it is.

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