Comment: Oh no not the orange thief, how will we ever stop him.

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Oh no not the orange thief, how will we ever stop him.

"Example: If someone is stealing oranges, and you have the ability to do something to lower the number of oranges stole THAT shows that you don't want oranges stolen. Standing there yelling at the top of your lungs that you don't like oranges stolen when you COULD have done something to actually show it doesn't do anything."

Oh I do love this example, it shows that you still do not comprehend the Non-Aggression Axiom.

If someone was stealing oranges I would simply stop them, not look for somebody who steals less oranges, as you would be inclined to do.

You seem convinced that the political process is a viable option for the creation of a free society.

I've got news for you, it doesn't matter who you voted in, it could be Jesus Christ himself, and it wouldn't stem the growth of the state one bit.

There is one use and one use only for the political process, as a soapbox to stand on and spread ideas.

And if you are going to spread your ideas, you had better not water them down.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard