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Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Let's say Dr. President Paul closes 700 unnecessary military bases in the first 15 minutes of his presidency and brings back half a million soldiers with a GI bill in pocket to buy up some of the empty houses.

Then the President lets a hundred thousand non-violent drug users out of jail in the second 15 minutes with Presidential pardons.

In the third 15 minutes he declares a national economic emergency suspending the income tax and asks all the businesses in the country to not take income tax from paychecks for 90 days, backed by a Presidential pardon to discourage any overzealous bureaucrat. This would create an economic boom the world has never seen, starting on the following Saturday. The people will NEVER allow the income tax again.

He would promise a Presidential pardon for anyone making or using alternate currencies.

He will probably need a glass of milk and a cookie after that.
Harry Browne wrote a nice article about what a Libertarian minded President could do on the first day.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ