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Good news! I haven't seen this posted yet so I'll just post it here. The appeal was denied which has some of the crew over on twitter (the elite who have managed not to get banned by the l4rp) pretty excited because *finally* the gloves can come off. A new lawsuit is in the works, and they need plaintiffs but this time you can't leave once you sign on; apparently there were some problems with plaintiffs losing confidence in the l4rp last time around, as hard as that is to believe. They'll be forcing all 50 states to allow voters to write in Ron Paul. There's also a major effort starting to mail out dvds with Ron Paul videos, but no word yet on where everyone can send their money for that.

Also, another effort to charge Romney with kidnapping the delegates who were on the bus that was delayed -- completely avoidable, as the l4rp explains in his most recent video, because they would have been entirely within their legal rights to kill the bus driver and commandeer the bus. If only they'd had a cell phone and RG's phone number so that they could have gotten some sound legal advice, and a gun or two, just think how differently things might have turned out!

Alas, all of these efforts seem to have temporarily distracted attention from the impending pole shift, as revealed in a secret message from space aliens, and the plan to use chemtrails and helium-filled blimps in outer space to save us from the deadly cosmic rays.

I don't check the twitter feed every day so if I left out anything, someone please post updates!