Comment: You think he might be trying to change us, the purists?

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You think he might be trying to change us, the purists?

I have more faith that the guy raised by Ron Paul, who sat at Ron Paul's dinner table all those years, is cut from the same cloth and is, therefore, a hardcore libertarian.

And I've heard NOTHING out of his mouth to indicate otherwise. (Sorry, weak 'endorsements' of Romney mean nothing to me, not when it's obviously political.)

You think the guy beating the bushes of NH 5 years ago and 1 year ago for his dad; subbing for Ron in Mass at a huge tea party rally, is trying to change *us*?

I find that not believable.

You strike me as one who had VERY high hopes and expectations regarding the outcome of 2012, and is still hungover. If true, I've got news for you: It's not "too late, now", as you state - these candidates were hand-picked well *over a year ago*. Ron Paul was not gonna be nominated without a SEISMIC cultural shift, an enlightenment, that simply doesn't happen that quick. And when it does happen, you'll know it, because you'll see blood, because trillion dollar interests don't surrender quietly.

You think Ron cared about "this election cycle"? You think Rand *does*? I've got more news for you: Rand doesn't care about the NEXT election cycle, either. He's trying to move the needle as best he can, period. Liberty will be voted in at the ballot box if and when its time has come.

And if you truly believe that "Rand's endorsement of Romney means that he would like others to vote for Romney", you are deluded.